Data-driven decisions are everything for businesses today. A reliable source of enterprise data for reporting and analytics and effective governance for the data sets are critical for growth and revenue. A leading cloud computing organization needed to deliver better and faster actionable insights with a modernized data platform, drive innovation and grow the business with… Continue reading A single source of truth: Breaking down data silos for future-ready decisions

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The engineering velocity for developing new features in the gaming industry plays a significant role in in-store services, discoverability, and player lifecycle management. An extremely popular video gaming platform with millions of active gamers faced a great demand for feature requests to improve the gaming and buying experience. A dedicated outsourced team with the technical… Continue reading Enhancing player lifecycles with feature-rich gaming experiences

Well-fueled supply chains enable enterprises to be more competitive in any market. An advanced digital supply chain information system can enable them to get better insights into each function, avoid glitches and plan for the future with precision. A leading telecom organization providing wireless experiences to 75 million+ customers, wanted to develop an integrated supply… Continue reading Optimizing futuristic logistic chains with real-time analytics

The use of aging infrastructure equipment in healthcare facilities can be a significant reason for low efficiency and high operational overheads. A prominent health and wellness service provider was facing the challenge of stagnant scalability, combined with a datacenter lease expiration and high customer demand. This forced them to think about a long-term strategy. Using… Continue reading A modernized member experience for a future-ready healthcare ecosystem

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Microsoft Silverlight is no longer the cross-browser market leader it once was, with major browser vendors announcing plans to phase out support for it shortly. A global consultancy that drives strategic growth across industries wanted to modernize the Silverlight -based development stack that was used for the Aeos application. Aeos accelerates cash flow by prioritizing… Continue reading Modernizing legacy UI frameworks for non-disruptive data migration