60% faster, real-time reporting with modernized data platforms - Collabera:

60% faster, real-time reporting with modernized data platforms

60% faster, real-time reporting with modernized data platforms - MIT Sloan School of Management
Admin February 3, 2022

In today’s exploding digital landscape, organizations need to modernize their data platforms for efficient analytics to better anticipate and respond to the marketplace. Our client, a leading software product enterprise in the data and analytics market, needed to modernize its on-premise analytics reporting platform and migrate to Microsoft Azure’s open and flexible cloud data platform. The client needed a stable reporting platform to deliver real-time reports for their marketing and customer success teams. In addition, the client needed to lower maintenance costs and to enable self-service capabilities for their analytics. 

The Solution

The solution used a combination of the clients’ data platform and the Azure data stack, to build the new data platform with high throughput, that is highly scalable and easy to maintain. We applied scalable processing of data loads using data bricks to process reports at speed. Our team re-engineered the processing logic to improve the speed of reporting and create self-service capabilities to better serve the business users.

Tech Stack: 

AAS, ADLS, Cosmo DB, Databricks, IICS, Tableau

The Results

The cloud data platform solution enabled the client to improve efficiency in data processing and reporting while being more cost-effective.  It resulted in real-time reporting as opposed to taking 5 days earlier.

  • 40%

    reduction in operational costs with the self-service data platform

  • 60%

    improvement in time-to-market of new reports with enhancements

The reporting platform was now more conveniently accessible via the cloud to internal business teams. The client’s data and reporting cycles are now standardized with improved efficiency in analytics, without any unwanted or legacy reports.
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