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Cruising confidently with 40% increased efficiency and a promise of safety

cruise case study
Collabera January 7, 2022

As the Covid-19 social distancing and safety mandates hit the $45 billion cruise industry, this global cruise lines group needed to find a way to stay afloat and operational. Their systems needed to be agile to respond to the expected needs of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which had issued a No-Sail Order, suspending cruise ship passenger operations in the United States. The legacy frameworks needed to be modernized to fulfill their business needs, and it needed to be done fast.

The Solution

Getting Ocean Ready: Collabera developed a truly digital, touchless platform with a suite of applications built to enable the safest features and the most delightful experiences. The guest experience model was recreated and applied fleet-wide, focusing on safety protocols and smoother communication, while keeping an eye on the future:

A web application for guest room TVs enabling on-demand hospitality services on the ocean

  • Pre-booking of meal choices and time slots for making dining safer and more efficient
  • Customer safety and booking applications on stateroom TV and digital display boards
  • Completely contactless transactions and other commercial activities
  • An app for faster grievance redressal and superior customer service delivery

With robust and highly advanced resources, built using extremely flexible models, the solution was extremely scalable for when the business footprint grows in the post-pandemic world. It also simplified safety training and increased the productivity of the crew.

Tech Stack:

Core Java, IoT, React, Angular, Drupal, Spring boot, Kafka, Microservices, Jenkins, Docker

The Results

The modernized experiences put customers in control of steering their safety and the solution enabled several benefits for the organization:

  • 35%

    Increase in operational efficiency due to predetermined processes and elimination of manual systems

  • 45%

    Increase in ROI as the operations resumed with greater customer satisfaction and increased brand value

  • 45%

    Reduced IT and business efforts once legacy systems were optimized and maintenance was cost-effective

  • 50%

    Reduction in food waste

While experiences were being made contactless, the cruise lines group leveraged the expertise of Collabera’s digital platforms and experience engineering, enabling their passengers to connect with what mattered most, with renewed assurance.

Collabera has co-engineered and helped numerous organizations succeed in their digital transformation and experience efforts. Talk to us to learn more.

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