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Future-proofing healthcare systems for maximized compliance check

Collabera January 17, 2022

Protecting patient health information (PHI) is business-critical for the healthcare industry where a data breach causes severe repercussions. Our client, a $290 billion healthcare solutions giant, needed to provide critical data access to their customer services representatives (CSRs) to deliver essential services. At the same time, any unauthorized access must be reported to remain compliant and prevent fraud. The client needed a failproof audit and tracking system with advanced reporting, which their existing platform was unable to deliver.     

The Solution

Diagnosis and cure: Collabera designed a system to support the client’s long-term business goals in the digital health space. We re-engineered an audit and tracking platform using Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Tableau: 

  • Integrated Salesforce Einstein, an AI-based analytics platform, while also improving system transparency
  • Removed/Lessened/Lowered data ingestion limitations with real-time access to reporting
  • Used the advantage of built-in connectors to schedule periodic data transfer to the analytics platform
  • Created user-friendly dashboards for quick and easy snapshots of compliance health status
  • Created reusable assets in the form of packaged APIs and packaged data transformations

In addition, the solution deployed reusable assets and could scale to meet peak demands. This had the added benefit of reducing data storage costs while improving performance.  

Tech Stack:

MuleSoft, Salesforce, Salesforce-TCRM

The Results     

The integrated system will create more transparency around data access and improve the client’s Customer Service Representative’s ability to stay compliant while handling customer data. It shall reduce the risk for the business with real-time tracking and monitoring. It will also enhance fraud prevention with automatic alerts triggered on unauthorized data access. 

  • 100%

    compliance check coverage across all CSR activities

  • 85%

    reduced time to market and 65% reduction in costs, for automating compliance checks on new applications by leveraging reusable assets (API’s and data transformations)

Collabera’s expertise in data privacy and application engineering helps our healthcare clients robustly secure patient health information.

Collabera has co-engineered and helped numerous organizations succeed in their digital transformation and experience efforts. Talk to us to learn more.

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