How data accuracy can accelerate revenue cycles by 40% - Collabera:

How data accuracy can accelerate revenue cycles by 40%

How data accuracy can accelerate revenue cycles by 40% - Health technology
Admin February 3, 2022

The healthcare marketplace today is constantly changing, increasingly competitive, and dealing with ever-evolving consumer demands. Digital transformation is a backbone that can help healthcare organizations rise to the challenge. Our client, the software product division of a global consultancy firm, needed to urgently migrate their revenue cycle management product onto a modern framework. Not only was the existing solution at the end of its life stage but also the manual feed from different healthcare systems had integration problems that produced inaccurate insights. The client tapped Collabera for our product engineering expertise and experience in managing complex modernization transformations.

The Solution

Collabera experts quickly implemented improvements and optimizations across the product development cycle, using a combination of Visual Studio, SQL Server, Azure DevOps, and MS Office. Our solution included Revenue Cycle Performance Accelerators (RCPA), consisting of a Revenue Cycle Workflow (RCW) tool and a Revenue Cycle Analytics tool. Additional parts of the solution included:

  • The representatives could rapidly and efficiently access assigned tasks based on priority.
  • The solution enabled driving data from the client HIS (hospital information systems) feeds and process information into relevant formats adding value to analytic reporting requirements.
  • Collabera’s solution used a three-tiered architecture based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The tiers used containerized deployment, ensuring security and reliability while migrating to the cloud.
  • The system utilized Microsoft’s SQL Server Database that efficiently supported multi-tenancy partitions by the client.
  • Future tools allowed for easy customization and clear configurable reports.

Tech Stack:

Angular 7, Entity Framework Core, MS SQL, NET Core 2.1 Web API

The Results

The revenue cycle management product is now a holistic solution utilized by multiple user groups. The solution enabled net revenue improvement from revenue cycle operations, reduction in accounts receivable days for physician groups, and reduction in cycle time in generating real-time dashboards.

  • 40%

    faster time to market as compared to traditional modernization methodology

  • 80%

    reduced client testing efforts

In addition, the overall system interface was upgraded led to improved page navigation and a better user experience. Faster development cycles and upgrades to the system offered a higher degree of flexibility to the client allowing agility and quicker go-to-market initiatives.

Collabera has co-engineered and helped numerous organizations succeed in their core modernization and experience design efforts. Talk to us to learn more.

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