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Nurturing CRM campaigns towards better member healthcare journeys

Admin February 3, 2022

The healthcare solutions sector faces a constant challenge to increase membership numbers and improve their experiences while keeping IT overhead cost-effective. There is a need to unlock the full potential of existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems with the right digital transformation solutions. The CRM should be able to arm the enterprise with a well-rounded knowledge of their customers while empowering clinicians and patients to own their healthcare journeys. 

Our client is a leading healthcare solutions firm that offers affordable wellness services to its members. The company was building a strategic solution for their enterprise health CRM platform to increase membership and reduce overall IT expenses. As part of the broader CRM solution, they needed to unify inbound and outbound campaigns to transform their commercial and Medicare experiences with ease of use for the platform users and provide better management visibility into the CRM solution.

The Solution

Unified campaign application: Collabera specially tailored a CRM platform built on Salesforce Velocity for healthcare use to transform the user experience. Our solution created enterprise capabilities that fit campaign needs and delivered user-focused outcomes.

With our expertise in CRM and healthcare, we created a bespoke experience across the CRM platform through tailor-made solution components:

  • A single, consolidated campaign application for both inbound and outbound campaign cycles
  • Platform engineering to upgrade the entire client application module, making the solution highly configurable at the administrative level 
  • Platform transformation produces seamless service experiences with easier access to member profiles and campaign outreach 
  • File migration to reduce the cost of using external storage vendors
  • Additional health and wellness information based on personas for existing members 

Replacing multiple standalone applications, Collabera implemented, configured, and customized the client’s module to execute all campaign cycles. The single-page module was easier to use, requiring less navigation and fewer clicks for CSRs.

Tech Stack:

AutoRabit, GIT, RTC, Selenium, VS force with Salesforce CLI

The Results

To increase member numbers and reduce overall IT expenses from the CRM-based campaigns, several other benefits were also realized:

boosted member experience

  • 6%

    reduction in overall healthcare costs for members using tailored health and wellness information 

  • 13%

    increase in CSR output using the campaign module

  • 20%

    reduction in license cost by migrating files with Collabera

  • $2.1 Million

    savings in one year by eliminating external storage vendors

The modules of the unified campaign application were developed and customized in-house and maintained by the client with Collabera’s consultative support. A live chat option was also integrated using a plug-and-play solution, helping approximately 7,000 call center representatives who serve more than 30 million calls.

Collabera has co-engineered and helped numerous organizations succeed in their digital transformation journeys. Talk to us to learn more.

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