The % use of predictive and prescriptive analytics in the manufacturing plant can greatly increase capacity utilization, reduce plant downtime and optimize costs. A leading manufacturer of high-performance materials and specialty chemicals needed a solution to predict optimal machine performance, ensuring that unscheduled downtime didn’t cause losses. Their current legacy IT infrastructure was unable to… Continue reading Leveraging analytics to save millions for specialty chemical production

Appealing to a particular community of enthusiasts, for example, golfers, musicians, or bakers, is in itself a great strategy; one that helps with making the customer’s experience very captivating and personal. This combined with the convenience and delightful experiences that technology enables can help hit the ball out of the park.  A Fortune 500 company… Continue reading Reimagining engagement in next-gen retail stores per square foot

In today’s exploding digital landscape, organizations need to modernize their data platforms for efficient analytics to better anticipate and respond to the marketplace. Our client, a leading software product enterprise in the data and analytics market, needed to modernize its on-premise analytics reporting platform and migrate to Microsoft Azure’s open and flexible cloud data platform. The client… Continue reading 60% faster, real-time reporting with modernized data platforms

The healthcare solutions sector faces a constant challenge to increase membership numbers and improve their experiences while keeping IT overhead cost-effective. There is a need to unlock the full potential of existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems with the right digital transformation solutions. The CRM should be able to arm the enterprise with a well-rounded… Continue reading Nurturing CRM campaigns towards better member healthcare journeys

Choosing the right health insurance plan deeply impacts the quality and affordability of care options. Helping members choose the right plans for their health needs and supporting them in making the right care decisions could be a significant competitive differentiator for healthcare payers. For this leading health insurance provider in the U.S., relying on third-party… Continue reading Creating ‘actionable outcomes,’ across the care continuum

The healthcare marketplace today is constantly changing, increasingly competitive, and dealing with ever-evolving consumer demands. Digital transformation is a backbone that can help healthcare organizations rise to the challenge. Our client, the software product division of a global consultancy firm, needed to urgently migrate their revenue cycle management product onto a modern framework. Not only… Continue reading How data accuracy can accelerate revenue cycles by 40%

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed higher education to adapt faster to new education models. The cumbersome legacy systems were too costly to continue to operate and were not yielding insights required for today’s digital educational experience. Schools now had a critical need for strategic management led by technology and data insights to better serve students. The… Continue reading Smarter student lifecycles with advanced analytics

Our client, a global accounting firm, sought to transform its legacy audit platform and audit experience.  They sought to turn the audit function into a seamless digital experience for both clients and their auditors, yet the legacy system faced data management and data Extract/Load/Transform (ELT) challenges, limited integrations across disparate systems, and automation was practically… Continue reading Risk-free audits answer business demands 10X faster

The number of printed documents the airline industry requires is sky-high, from boarding passes and baggage tags to flight and passenger manifests and more. Moreover, the printing process needs to be seamless for on-time service and customer satisfaction. A major American airline wanted to modernize its airport printing services to scale individual print jobs for… Continue reading Superior, scalable airport experiences with print-as-a-service

The customer, a large specialty retailer was transforming their business and betting big on Digital transformation with investments into creating new omnichannel experiences (online, mobile, and in-store) for their customers. To achieve this, they needed to overhaul their internal platforms and applications with new capabilities. They had to modernize their legacy middleware to build efficiency… Continue reading Modernized system revamp with 40% cost savings