The consistency of a B2B buying journey and the brand image can depend largely on the self-serving capabilities of their interaction and transactional portals.  Our client, a leading energy technology company, was looking to streamline the e-commerce experience of their 7,000 dealers, wholesalers, retailers worldwide. To keep pace with industry digital transformation, they needed to… Continue reading Modernizing experiences to enhance distributor loyalty

Protecting patient health information (PHI) is business-critical for the healthcare industry where a data breach causes severe repercussions. Our client, a $290 billion healthcare solutions giant, needed to provide critical data access to their customer services representatives (CSRs) to deliver essential services. At the same time, any unauthorized access must be reported to remain compliant… Continue reading Future-proofing healthcare systems for maximized compliance check

Manual wire processing can be a costly and risky undertaking for any financial institution due to the high chance of errors that can lead to issues in ledger settlement. Our client, one of the largest consumer banks in the US, had entered close to 5,400 wires manually over 2 years. They were looking to automate… Continue reading Modernized payment platform making banking 90% error-free

Acquisitions and expansions present opportunities as well as challenges for enterprises, especially with the voluminous data that comes along. Our client, a multinational Fortune 100 healthcare enterprise, had made a series of acquisitions over the past few years and had expanded its coverage across several states. This resulted in the challenge of merging disparate data… Continue reading Digital-first testing with improved speed to market

Energy efficiency has become a significant factor that everyone from homeowners to industrialists is prioritizing because of its serious impact on the environment and critical effect on costs. Using data insights and energy analytics for load-forecasting and ensuring low-cost can be a forward-thinking solution to understand and improve environmental, economic, and personal energy demands. A… Continue reading Plugging into the power of energy efficiency with geospatial intelligence