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Plugging into the power of energy efficiency with geospatial intelligence

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Collabera January 17, 2022

Energy efficiency has become a significant factor that everyone from homeowners to industrialists is prioritizing because of its serious impact on the environment and critical effect on costs. Using data insights and energy analytics for load-forecasting and ensuring low-cost can be a forward-thinking solution to understand and improve environmental, economic, and personal energy demands. A leading energy technology company that provides backup and prime power systems for home and industrial applications, wanted to develop a robust, visual analytical tool, to provide insights on their customers. They needed to visualize millions of installed base data in real-time, allowing them to track usage, and determine the capacity adequacy of the installed generators. This helped them with targeted campaigns for upselling products and services to potentially resell unused capacity to utilities.

The Solution

Harnessing the power of greater visibility: Collabera built an intelligent geospatial platform that provides a real-time view of power consumption data for the customers’ installed base across multiple geographies. The tool converts business data into powerful insights by utilizing historical data, current power outages, demographic information, and advanced geospatial analytics.

  • The open-source geospatial tool, along with the data security feature, provided responsive web solutions accessible on any device or mobile by their field workers
  • It allowed dealers and consumers to sell power back to the utility companies, thereby monetizing idle generator capacity
  • The insights helped uncover the number of available generators with smart, grid-ready capabilities which could connect to power grids and act as distributed energy resources
  • In addition, the insights allowed dealers to see the activation dates of home standby units in their area, making it easier to track service or upgrade opportunities for end-users

Tech Stack:

Databricks, Python, Azure DevOps, OKTA Auth0

The Results

This intelligent geospatial approach helps the customer and their sellers in more than one way:

  • Ability to easily discover areas for new market opportunities
  • Identify the generators which can be part of Virtual Power Plants (VPP) to augment the existing electrical grid
  • Optimize energy usage with greater efficiency
  • Increase sales conversion and up-sell or cross-sell

The customer leveraged Collabera’s data analytics and product engineering expertise to empower their channel partners. The modernized location platform also enabled better data-driven decision-making for the company’s executives.

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