Engineering applications and platforms for modern enterprises

Modernize the core of your business to stay nimble and continuously keep pace with evolving needs

In a fast-moving world, digital platforms are a competitive necessity. Legacy systems often become bottlenecks, hindering businesses from creating value for their stakeholders.

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At Collabera, we help enterprises embrace the new digital reality by:

Our solutions drive competitive advantage 

Collabera’s proven frameworks, methodology, and intelligent architecture blueprinting enable enterprises to transform their legacy application landscape into an agile, integrated, modern digital platform.

Our core modernization experts empower enterprises to phase out applications built on old technology stacks and move to a nimble, scalable, and open architecture that enables new business capabilities and faster time to market.

We focus on: 

  • Core modernization assessment and roadmap
  • Infusing fresh patterns using modern Cloud and microservices platforms 
  • Scaling enterprise technology office to respond to business speed 
  • Optimizing cost and shifting workloads to serverless economies 
  • Assisting agile pods to move from application to a product mindset and enablement 

Large, monolithic applications are hard to adapt to continuous and frequent changes. A microservices approach allows developers to build application infrastructure with individual services that function independently, enabling quick scaling and faster delivery times. 

Collabera facilitates the implementation of microservices architecture with code-level metrics, end-to-end transaction tracing mapped with business capabilities and expected outcomes. 


We focus on: 

  • Microservices based on micro-repositories 
  • Using business domain-driven and test-drive design 
  • Creating, managing, enforcing, and scaling services 
  • Passthrough, simple transformation, advanced integration 
  • Discoverable, automated pipeline using Cloud-native patterns 
  • Cloud-ready, Cloud-enabled, and Cloud-native microservices 

Most organizations take an ad hoc approach to automation and are unable to scale the benefits of automation across the enterprise. True automation requires an enterprise-wide approach that goes deep to impact processes, skills, and brings about organizational change.  

Our automation experts apply full-stack DevOps, including security, database containerization, and SQL DevOps. We leverage automation to help organizations boost agility with self-service capabilities enabled by zero-touch infrastructure with 100% infrastructure as code and runbook automation.  

We focus on:  

  • Increasing consistency, visibility, autonomy, agility, and scale 
  • Reducing time to market 
  • Minimizing defects and technical debt, mean time to resolution and manual effort 
  • Integrating post-operations based on cognitive computing and decision algorithms

For enterprises on their digital and Cloud journey, we deliver automation-centric, DevOps enabled, quality engineering services for a rich customer experience. Our flagship engineering platform, Collabera AVA, is powered by advanced cognitive capabilities like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), backed by domain experts that help enterprises achieve business objectives in record time. The Intelligent Test Automation (ITA) component of Collabera AVA offers plug-and-play functionalities that give enterprises the flexibility, scalability, and ease to commission services, tools, and skilled talent to drive outcomes across the software testing lifecycle.

We focus on:

  • Tech-forward and reimagined engineering for quality 
  • Transforming into digital quality engineering
  • Platform test studio
  • DevOps infused automation
  • Performance and reliability engineering




We create a strong, modern foundation for businesses with our purpose-driven teams focused on innovation.

We’re prepared to co-create future-ready businesses with world-class architects, problem solvers, and design thinkers.

Enterprise & Solutions Architecture

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Driving enterprise architecture practice covering business, application, data, security and infrastructure architecture best practices, governance, and standards

Engineering Management

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Delivering modern applications in an agile model with associated tools and methodologies


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Driving automation with continuous integration, deployment, and delivery with integrated Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs)

Meet the Experts

Ramesh Appat

Ramesh Appat

Head, Architecture and Platform Engineering

Ramesh has extensive experience in leading digital transformation initiatives, architecture consulting, and delivery teams delivering application and product/solutions working for large System Integrators in the Travel, Hospitality, Real-Estate, Finance, and Telecommunication domains
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Kalpana Diwakaran

Kalpana Diwakaran

Head, Quality Engineering

Kalpana is a seasoned digital leader with over 30 years of global experience in technology consulting, practice management & leading large enterprise transformation initiatives. Her expertise spans CRM, ERP, Application Engineering, CTI, AI, Data, and Digital and has directly managed and delivered value for over 100 clients across industries and geographies
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Guruswamy G

Guruswamy G

Lead, Quality Engineering and Change Management

Guruswamy is a sales veteran with over two decades of experience in Business Transformation, Change Management, Enterprise Quality Strategy, Quality Engineering and Automation. With an innovation mindset, he enables brands to embrace digital transformation powered by technology
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