Engineering Excellence

Delivered by Masters of Craft, With Agile Methods, Using our Engineering Platform Collabera AVA

Innovation, agility, and relevance demand new methods, tools, and principles for building
the software that shapes our lives. Our experience with talent and software has helped us
create a new guidebook to help us all Engineer the Next. It all starts with people.

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We nurture engineering communities of practice through a model we call Circles. The best engineers want to work with, and learn from, the best, on their way to subject mastery.

Led by experts, a Circle enables interconnectivity among team members globally to share best practices in a chosen area of expertise. Building a community facilitates peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, coaching, mentorship, and includes intense hands-on embedded learning, R&D, thought leadership, and IP development.

Circles help engineers become masters of their craft, forge ahead with purpose, impact lives, and spark the ‘joy of engineering.’ For clients, this means better talent, and better engineering outcomes.

The DNA of collabera Circles


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Our Engineering Approach 

To Engineer the Next for clients, our view is that we must build communities of excellent practice (Circles), embrace an Engineer from Anywhere talent orchestration philosophy, align project teams (pods) to specific client requirements, and improve engineering outcomes with technology (our Collabera AVA platform).  


Several of our Circles operate out of our global engineering studios, where engineers with common interests get to build community and work on cutting-edge solutions. Our Circles use a robust collaboration platform that enables a global team to connect, share knowledge, and grow in their careers from dozens of locations around the globe.  


Members from different circles come together to form project teams or PODs to operate as one team, collaborating on engineering work from across the globe in an agile model. This cross-pollinates best practices, aligns to specific client needs, and helps solve complex problems quickly and confidently.  


Collabera AVA is our engineering platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) engines and automation to accelerate our software engineering processes and improve overall quality and transparency.  

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