Collabera AVA – The future of Software Engineering

An integrated, intelligent engineering platform that accelerates the pace of change across business, IT and operations

The digital arena is getting competitive by the day, putting a premium on digital-first organizations (High Street IT ) that prioritizes the dynamic nature of customer expectations with speed, quality, predictability, and agility. Hence, these digital-first organizations are top of mind to consumers who look for an 'exceptional' experience at the touch of the button.

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So, how do High Street IT organizations operate?

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Break the Gordian Knot with Collabera

For organizations struggling with the complexities of low investment in the business of IT and the current service provider’s inflexible engagement situations, Collabera brings in a fresh approach to digital transformation.


Collabera AVA

An integrated, intelligent engineering platform that accelerates:

The pace of change across business, IT and operations

The ability of enterprises to build customer-centric solutions with confidence

Speed, Quality, Predictability & Business outcomes

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Collabera AVA is an engine built with modular components, each addressing a specific aspect of the IT value chain, and helping improve Agile development work for clients. With a set of well-defined, easy to pick service catalogs, automated governance, self-service reports, and much more – Collabera AVA is the future of engineering delivery.

Collabera AVA Delivers Results

In a world full of opaque software service provider models, we help businesses reduce dependency on resources and increase self-healing, self-learning processes built on intelligent capabilities with complete transparency and visibility to the entire software delivery process through AVA – One View – a consumer grade digital delivery dashboard.

Collabera AVA makes engineering easy!


AVA drives engineering excellence

  • Up to 50%, reduced CIO spend
  • 5X Faster turnaround times
  • 99% on-time delivery
  • Up to 60% quality improvement, with <5% rework
  • 60% reduction in IT costs
  • 60% of manual intervention eliminated
  • 80% team satisfaction improvement

AVA applies cognitive self-learning, natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, and process orchestrations to automate testing across the engineering process. Intelligent testing automation allows always-on testing throughout the engineering lifecycle so we can build applications right, the first time.

Collabera’s intelligent testing automation approach can facilitate testing like a human, reason, learn, problem solve, be perceptive, aware and in an always-on mode throughout and beyond the engineering cycle.

Access matters. Our Intelligent Accessibility Framework auto-remediation system improves content access to disabled software users. The Framework uses AI and Machine Learning to help businesses meet legislation and standards (WCAG 2.1 (A, AA) and ADA) and provides compliance certification.

Streamlining ML operational and governance processes to shorten development cycles. This capability helps implement an automated MLOps framework for On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid model, and machine learning projects.

Meet the Experts

Saravanan Thirunageswaram

Saravanan Thirunageswaram

Product Engineering Expert

Saravanan is a passionate Product Manager driving impact for our US and Global clients through transformational digital engineering solutions. With 17+ years of experience in Development, Testing and Project Management across Healthcare domain & multi-channel applications, he is an innovation evangelist
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Joy Raha

Joy Raha

Senior Automation Architect

Joy is an Automation Architect with 14+ years of experience in Quality Assurance & Automation. A full-stack Automation Engineer, he builds solutions that are designed for product testing
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Swathi Konakanchi

Swathi Konakanchi

ML Architect

Swathi is passionate about product strategy and innovation. With over 14+ years in the industry, she focuses on delivering tangible, high value business solutions to customers by remaining on forefront of AI/ML technology
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