Maintenance Technician

Direct Hire: Griffin, Georgia, US

Salary: $80000.00 Per Annum

Job Code: 333902

End Date: 2023-06-25

Days Left: 25 days, 13 hours left

Client Domain:-   Autoparts Manufacturer

Role:-                   Maintenance Technician

Duration:-            Full Time

Location:-          La Vergne, TN/Griffin, GA


Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Work in alignment with the plant's mission statement. 
  • Work safely and identify safety issues. 
  • Responsible for his/her own safety and has significant responsibility for the safety of others through identifying unsafe conditions. 
  • Leadership – Is capable of working without direct supervision 
  • Reports and Reporting - Must demonstrate a working knowledge of production reports and departmental work instructions and ISO Documentation. 
  • Materials or Products - Care and attention are necessary to ensure rubber products are produced according to specifications. 
  • Care of equipment - Care should be taken when starting, operating, or stopping equipment to prevent damage to equipment. 
  • Have a working knowledge of and follow the Quality Policy, Standard Operating Procedures. 
  • Bridgestone Licensed Forklift Operator. 
  • Maintain equipment for industrial production, industrial processing, pipeline distribution systems, and conveyors. 
  • Experience with motors, pumps. 
  • Install machinery 
  • Make minor adjustments to equipment and machinery 
  • Take apart equipment to make repairs 
  • Replace worn and broken parts 
  • Perform preventive maintenance 
  • Inspect parts for damage 
  • Reassemble equipment 
  • Test and observe running machinery 
  • Use soldering irons, hoists and lifts, grinders, hand tools, power tools, welding equipment, and testing equipment. 
  • Test fixed machinery 
  • Clean and lubricate parts 
  • Read and use blueprints, schematics, manuals, technical drawings, work orders, test results, and machine error messages. 
  • Record all work activities 
  • Use database software. 
  • Comply with safety regulations 
  • Work with a maintenance team 

Working Conditions: 

  • May be exposed to loud noise (92 dBA), chemicals, and moving machinery when on the production floor. 
  • Heavy physical effort is required to maneuver through plants that include climbing stairs/ladders and working in tight spaces. A considerable amount of standing and walking is necessary. 
  • Maximum lifting of 50 lbs is required. However, Teammate will need to be able to handle heavy parts with a lift assist or team lift. Lifting requirements range from a height of 6 inches to a possible height of 5 feet. 
  • The teammate will need to use a lift assist device/team lift for heavier material (max 130 lbs) occasionally. The teammate will need to be able to manipulate material weighing up to 130 lbs occasionally. 
  • The teammate will need to be able to use various hand tools. 
  • Non-Routine Task: Assisting other departments with fallen rubber material, including bending, pulling, cutting, and/or lifting material up to 50 lbs. and/or manipulating material up to 130 lbs. roll on its side to roll towards a lift assist or onto a pallet. 
  • May work “over their scheduled time” as well as weekends as necessary to ensure continuity of operations. Might be asked to work extended hours if business dictates such demands. 
  • Candidate must be willing to work any shift and flexible to change based on plant needs. 
  • A considerable degree of mental and visual effort is required to provide resource assistance to manufacturing. Must pay special attention to details and be able to work without direct supervision 
Job Requirement
  • Maintenance
  • Forklift
  • Lifting
  • Powertool
  • Handtool
  • IndustrialMaintenance
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