Research Associate

Contract: Santa Monica, California, US

Salary: $32.00 Per Hour

Job Code: 334842

End Date: 2023-06-25

Days Left: 25 days, 12 hours left

Pay Range: $30 - $32/hour (negotiable)

Job Description:

Client is seeking a highly motivated individual with analytical development and support experience to work on innovative T cell therapy for cancer treatment. The Senior Research Associate of Analytical Development (AD) will be mainly responsible for deep analytical characterization of cell therapy products at different developmental stages and oversee the maintenance of analytical instruments. You will also be assisting in planning and executing laboratory studies, analyze/review experimental data and carefully document resultant information. This position reports to a Manager.

• Proficiently execute cell-based assays on a regular basis or as needed, in support of process development and product characterization
• Perform data analysis, data reporting, and further statistical analysis with advanced analysis software
• Assist in data verification to ensure data integrity
• Maintain and operate plate readers including VersaMax and SpectraMax
• Perform reagent lot and assay control qualifications
• Transfer cell-based assays from the method development group to analytical testing group
• Review and maintain standard operating procedures and analytical test methods
• Develop electronic templates for documenting assay execution
• Maintain and handle human cell lines: thaw, culture/expand, and cryopreservation
• Write, review and edit accurate technical documents
• Assist in developing, qualifying, executing and documenting cell-based methods to study and characterize processes for production of T cell therapies
• Provide user training on instruments, sample analysis, and cross-train analysts on analytical methods
• Coordinate activities for members of project teams in the initiation and execution of laboratory experimentation
• Participate in sampling and study plan meetings to support different functional areas within Process Development
• Additional responsibilities may be assigned to reflect changes in business processes.
• BSc degree with 2 plus years industry experience in cell therapy areas.
• Demonstrated strong knowledge of developing cell-based assay, and technical knowledge of instrument & software, and method controls
• Proficient in operating equipment such as VersaMax and SpectraMax
• Understand deep characterization knowledge in patient materials, product knowledge, and process characterization
• Demonstrates emerging ability in developing methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results and interpreting experimental outcomes
• Ability to follow laboratory procedures with attention to detail, and successfully execute experiments at the bench
• Ability to think critically, demonstrate troubleshooting and problem solving skills
• Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills are essential in this collaborative work environment
• Previous experience with other technologies is a plus
• Excellent skill in MS word, Excel, MS Teams, and SoftMax Pro analysis software
• Comfortable working in a fast-paced company environment with minimal direction and able to adjust workload/assignments based upon changing priorities

• Self-motivated, detail-oriented, and willing to accept temporary responsibilities outside of initial job description

Job Requirement
  • Cell Culture
  • cell therapy
  • Cell based essay
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