Operations Specialists

Contract: Dallas, Texas, US

Salary: $22.00 Per Hour

Job Code: 334869

End Date: 2023-05-27

Job Status: Expired

This Job is no longer accepting applications
  •  Reporting, customer service support, reviewing and processing transactions to include closing accounts, reconciling, correspondence preparation, and performing other support operations functions as required. Maintains internal operational and financial controls and ensures they meet bank standards. 
  • The candidate will be responsible for receiving shipments of contents (in tamper proof bags) from forced open safe deposit boxes, as well as reconciling shipments and entering customer information into the abandoned property system and storing contents for future retrieval. In addition, may be responsible for preparing outgoing shipments of contents upon customer reclaiming contents, as well as shipping contents to the various States’ Unclaimed Property Division. 

Required Skills: 

  • Must have attention to detail and accuracy & be able to meet pre-established deadlines 
  • Must be able to work with another employee in a dual control environment

Top MUST Have: 

  • Microsoft Office Suite 
Job Requirement
  • cash applicant
  • lockbox
  • operation
  • accounting
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  • Kajri Maheshwari
  • kajri.maheshwari@collabera.com
This Job is no longer accepting applications
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