IAM Analyst

Contract: Chicago, Illinois, US

Salary: $80.00 Per Hour

Job Code: 337187

End Date: 2024-01-04

Days Left: 29 days, 7 hours left

Must haves 

  • Identity and access management analyst with 5-10 years of experience 
  • Someone who understands privilged access 
  • Someone who understands the difference between standard and privileged access 
  • Someone with experience communicating with application owners and technical individuals - liaison between technical and business groups  
  • Someone who can leverage tools with multi factor authentication - multi factor authentication is a MUST  
  • Tools such as CyberArk, PowerBroker, Ping Access/Identity products are great here  
  • Liason who can look at common day problems/reports and provide solutions that align to the challenges  
  • Someone with C-level executive communication experience 


  • Tableau, Alteryx, SQL are great to have - Need someone who can READ these things, not build them  
  • Someone who does not have an issue coming into the office 3 times a week and won't complain about coming in due to the weather  
  • Big firm experience, someone who comes from a large industry, not a mom and pop shop 
Job Requirement
  • IAM
  • CyberArk
  • MFA
  • Multi Factor Authentication
Reach Out to a Recruiter
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  • Snehashish Banerjee
  • snehashish.banerjee@collabera.com
  • 9733816965
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