Principal SRE

Contract: San Francisco, California, US

Salary: $110.00 Per Hour

Job Code: 347575

End Date: 2024-04-28

Job Status: Expired

This Job is no longer accepting applications

DayToDay Responsibilities:

  • Lead the design, build, and implement orchestration and tooling solutions to optimize workflows and tasks can be achieved at a high level of efficiency and free of defect? 
  • Establish operational best practices for structuring, automating, building, deploying, and monitoring complex distributed software products and environments.? 
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams to ensure the reliability and traceability of software releases and deployments of software and infrastructure changes.? 
  • Create and maintain platform operational engineering design specifications to aid the maintenance and smooth operation of software environments? 
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams to triage alerts & diagnose/resolve critical issues, and manage implementation of changes? 
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams in the coordination, documentation, and tracking of critical incidents ensuring rapid and complete issue resolution and appropriate closed loop to customers and other key stakeholders.? 
  • Lead, grow, and mentor other SREs team members. 
  • Evangelize the SRE mindset and mentor others about the reliability and best practices of SRE? 
  • Maintain a strong understanding of IaaS, PAAS, and SaaS offerings while building and maintaining a state-of-the-art, cloud-based environment for massive-scale data processing 
  • Ensure that implementation and solution are fully documented, and solution deployed with fully operationalized processes to support the solution lifecycle 



  • 15+ years of experience in System engineering or Software engineering 
  • Advanced knowledge in at least 3 of the following key areas: Cloud-native and IaaS Architecture (performance testing, monitoring, operations), Design (compliance, security), Cloud?Engineering (planning, provision), Containers Orchestration, Microservice architecture, and engineering. 
  • Strong understanding of business technology drivers and their impact on architecture and engineering design, performance, and monitoring? 
  • SME of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps philosophies, technologies, platforms and tools, SLA management, incident resolution, and automation. 
  • API First design, implementation, and testing experience. 
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, launch, and deliver multiple engineering projects on time and within budget? 
  • Demonstrated ability to understand and troubleshoot complex problems under pressure 
  • Strong understanding of cloud-native architecture and microservices design and deployment pattern 
  • Strong data analytical skills 
  • Banking industry experience a plus  
  • Expert level of Linux/Unix skills and shell scripting? 
  • Minimum of 7 years of experience automating tasks, building cloud-native software in microservice architecture style, and writing tools in either Python, Go, or Ruby,? C#? 
  • Excellent knowledge of at least 3 of leading SQL and No SQL database technologies (Postgres, MongoDB, Graph databases, Cassandra, etc.)? 
  • Hands-on advanced experience with implementing and supporting streaming and messaging technologies such as Rabbit MQ, Kafka, Apache Pulsar, Azure, or GCP  
  • Minimum of 7+ years of experience working with container orchestration platform, Kubernetes preferred but will look at other platforms also such as Apache Mesos, and Docker Swarm. 
  • Expert knowledge of distributed tracing with hands-on experience with implementing and operating any one of these: Jaeger, OpenTelemetry, Open Tracing, Zipkin 
  • Expert knowledge of service mesh technologies – preferred Istio but will consider others including Linkerd, Consul 


Pay Range: $ 95 - $105/hr. 


Job Requirement
  • Kubernetes
  • SRE
  • Cloud Native
  • Istio
  • Kafka
  • Apache Mesos
  • Docker
  • Zipkin
  • Consul
  • Linkerd
  • C#
  • Python
  • MongoDb
  • SQL
  • Postgress
  • Ruby
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  • Jamshed Anis
This Job is no longer accepting applications
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