Research Associate - II

Contract: Oceanside, California, US

Salary: $40.00 Per Hour

Job Code: 350627

End Date: 2024-07-12

Job Status: Expired

This Job is no longer accepting applications
Pay range: $35 to $40/hr. (Negotiable)

• Working understanding of downstream process development and scale up including centrifugation, normal flow filtration, chromatography operations, tangential flow filtration, and virus inactivation/removal.
• The ability to demonstrate hands on experience in several of these areas is expected.
• Work effectively within the purification team to help design and execute experiments supporting process definition, optimization, and characterization with an increasing level of independence.
• Be an effective communicator of ideas, project goals and results to the team and should have the ability to proactively identify issues and suggest solutions in a collaborative multidisciplinary environment.
• This is a highly collaborative environment where willingness and ability to communicate and work effectively with individuals across various teams is essential.
• Candidates should be self-motivated, organized, and enjoy scientific investigation and thinking.
• The applicant is also expected to recommend alternatives, research new methods and technologies that can advance purification platforms, and proactively seek out senior personnel to discuss potential solutions to problems.
• The candidate will monitor and contribute to external literature and scientific conferences.
Must-Have Requirements:
• Hands-on execution of AKTA pure/ AKTA avant.
• Understand all aspects of purification process development, process scale-up - TFF (Tangential flow filtration), and Chromatography.
Education/Experience Requirements:
• Requires a BS in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering, Biochemistry or a related scientific discipline
• Requires 2+ years of experience demonstrating experience in purification process development
Other Skills
• Excellent communication skills (both verbal and technical) and interpersonal skills are required.
• Must be able to participate in highly effective teams, and work with collaborative communication and problem-solving spirit.
• Ability to work with increasing independence in the initiation and execution of laboratory experimentation.
• Willingness to proactively seek out senior personnel to define goals, design experiments, discuss results, and suggest next steps.
• Demonstrates ability to recognize anomalous and inconsistent results and interpret experimental outcomes.
Job Requirement
  • process development
  • AKTA pure
  • AKTA avant
  • Tangential flow filtration
  • Chromatography
  • Chemical engineering
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Biochemistry
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  • Harish Yadav
This Job is no longer accepting applications
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