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Collabera has more than a decade of experience providing IT and professional talent for our Healthcare and Life Sciences clients in the U.S. and Canada.

We have built upon our extensive experience, and candidate database of healthcare-focused IT and professional workers, and literally have thousands of active resumes available today for our proactive recruiters. Over the years, we have placed thousands of healthcare and life sciences industry professionals on assignment.


The Transforming Ecosystem

We understand the demand concerns and changes that have occurred. In healthcare, physicians and healthcare professionals are now completely data driven and in life sciences, our clients are working with new technologies such as virtual clinical trials, telemedicine, and AI.

In the healthcare and life sciences industry, our customers need to be constantly updated regarding how labor market trends blend with the ever-changing healthcare and life sciences initiatives.

We truly partner with our clients to understand these changes, how we can continue to support them with the staffing solutions they require. As we develop our own internal strategies to mirror the ebbs and flows of the healthcare and life sciences industry, we make sure that it runs in parallel with our healthcare clients’ strategies, as well.

Our Expertise

  • Healthcare Projects
  • Hiring Resources
  • Training and Research related to Healthcare products

Our Expertise

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical represents more than 15% of our staffing revenue.

The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry is going through unprecedented change. This pandemic-driven disruption has accelerated the need for end-to-end talent solutions that provide our clients with the ability to give patients greater control over how they manage their healthcare needs.

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