Cristina Halliburton, Managing Director – The Extraordinary Strength of Working Moms

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The Extraordinary Strength of Working Moms: A Tribute to Their Unyielding Commitment

  • As a Managing Director for four offices of a thriving staffing company, I have had the privilege of witnessing the unwavering dedication and resilience of countless working moms. These remarkable women navigate the intricate balance between their professional ambitions and the demands of motherhood, serving as an inspiration to us all. As a mother who’s always had big aspirations myself, I completely understand the struggles of doing both while embracing how worth it all of it is every single day. In this piece, I want to shed light on the common challenges faced by working moms and honor the extraordinary strength they exhibit day in and day out. A lot of them are so amazing, they make it look easy, but let’s be honest – anyone who has balanced the two knows better.
  • The Struggles Faced by Working Moms

  • The juggling act of being a working mom is no easy feat. From the moment their alarm clock sounds in the early hours of the morning until their heads hit the pillow at night, these women embark on a relentless journey to fulfill their responsibilities both at work and at home.
  • One of the most prominent challenges working moms face is the constant struggle to find a harmonious work-life balance. They want to excel in their careers, meet deadlines, and contribute their expertise while simultaneously tending to the needs of their children. They often find themselves navigating between boardrooms and PTA meetings, client calls and school pick-ups, presentations and bedtime stories. It can take a toll, but they’ll all tell you it’s worth it.
  • The guilt that working moms experience is another significant hurdle. They will likely feel torn between their dedication to their professional growth and their desire to spend more quality time with their children. It’s an emotional rollercoaster as they question whether they are doing enough, whether they are fully present in their child’s life, and whether they are making the right choices for their family. Some lucky moms who get the privilege of working from home have found an easier time spending quality time with their children while getting all their work done due to the flexibility. But again, not every job can be remote, and lots even require travel to other cities.
  • Additionally, working moms face societal expectations and stereotypes that can add an additional layer of pressure. The notion that they must excel in both their career and as mothers can lead to unrealistic standards and unfair judgment. They can often find themselves questioning whether they are being judged by colleagues, friends, or even themselves. As tough as it is, my biggest advice is always to focus on yourself. You did not become a mother to be reduced to a martyr. You are in charge of your own career success, your own kids, and it’s your decision how to balance it all.
  • Celebrating the Extraordinary Women

  • Despite the multitude of challenges they encounter, working moms continue to demonstrate extraordinary strength and resilience. They possess a unique ability to multitask, organize, and prioritize, all while managing the complex dynamics of their personal and professional lives.
  • Working moms are masters of time management. It’s non-negotiable! They effortlessly navigate conflicting schedules, seamlessly transitioning from business meetings to parent- teacher conferences, demonstrating their incredible adaptability and determination.
  • These women possess exceptional problem-solving skills. They overcome obstacles and find innovative solutions with grace and poise. Their ability to think on their feet and remain composed under pressure is truly remarkable.
  • Working moms are exceptional role models, not only for their children but also for their colleagues and peers. They prove that it is possible to succeed both as a professional and as a nurturing parent. Their perseverance and dedication inspire others to strive for greatness while also cherishing the precious moments with their loved ones.
  • Throughout my years working with the Collabera Women’s Leadership Advisory Board (WLAB), I have been constantly in awe of the working moms I have the privilege to work with and support. They exemplify the meaning of strength and resilience, defying the notion that success in one area of life must come at the expense of another.
  • To all the working moms out there, know that your efforts are seen, appreciated, and admired. You are true superheroes, balancing multiple roles with finesse and grace. The world owes you a debt of gratitude for your unwavering commitment to your families and careers.
  • As a society, let us continue to recognize, support, and celebrate working moms, championing their right to pursue their passions, achieve their goals, and raise the next generation of remarkable individuals. Together, we can create an environment that embraces and empowers these incredible women as they continue to make a lasting impact on both their families and the world at large.

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